Black Star Henna & Apothecary


Through my journeys in life i sought to find out the mysteries of the world and the higher realms. Through a deep connection of love of the earth, I found myself going back to the ways of the ancestors and listening to the stones, and flowers and the sunset. In a way it was there, through finding my spirituality, that Black Star Henna & Apothecary was born.

I have a passion for bath and beauty products, and accessories. Connecting them to spiritual and holistic came natural with my background in spirituality and indigenous healing practices.

This store is to start a self love revolution, and provide the tools for your self care ritual. The bathroom is a temple, and can be a holy place where you, your higher self and the Divine connect. 

Each piece contains reiki,  my heart and being. Each bracelet has a personal connection and story. Each painting has a personal emotion and history Each necklace has a specific intent and belief. 

May you find your path to self love <3

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